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Date Night Out in Chattanooga

Cheap Date Night Out Decider

Want to head out for a cheap date night spin the wheel and let us decide what you are doing tonight!

Click Here For Mexican Cuisine Decider

Eat & Drink at
Hair of the Dog
Sing to Your Date with
Cheap Fishbowls at
Sing It or Wing It
Eat, Drink, Pool,
& Darts at Sweet
Night Out at Mike's
Hole in the Wall
Daiquiris at Big
Chill & Grill
Mexican Night Go
to the Mexican
Night Out Spinner
Picnic Night in
Coolidge Park
Go to Northshore
Restaurant Spinner
Go to the Daily
Specials Spinner for
Specific Specials for
the Day

Nooga Night Out has made Date Night so easy For Us.

Claudia Aria

Northshore Resident

Erik Franke

Southside Resident

Lena Courntey

Hamilton Place Resident

Wanna Be a Baller Date Night Decider

Wanna appear to be a Baller but you’re on a budget? Spin the Wheel & Let Us Decide Where You are going out to eat Tonight!

Dress Up & Go
to Feed Co. Table &
Tavern (Table Side)
Dress Up & Go To
Food Works
Dress Up & Go To
Main St. Meats
Dress Up & Go To
Flying Squirrel
Dress Up & Go To
Public House
Dress Up & Go To
1885 Grill
Dress Up & Go To
Two Ten Jack
Dress Up & Go To
Proof Bar & Incubator

We are Actual Baller’s Date Night Decider

When you live on Lookout or Signal and Money is no issue . . .  Let Us Help You Decide Where to Grab a Meal. We don’t want to waste your valuable time since time is money. So Spin, Eat/Drink, & Make sure to tip (We Know you have the money).

Dinner & Drinks at
Bridgeman Chophouse
Do a Chatt Taste
Food Tour
Dinner & Drinks at
Easy Bistro
Dinner & Drinks at
Dinner & Drinks at
Dinner & Drinks at
Old Gilman Grille
Dinner & Drinks at
Whiskey Thief
Dinner & Drinks at

My Dog is My Date Date Night Decider

We All Know it is easier & cheaper to take out your furry friend, & you might just find a real date while you’re out. So here we are to help you decide where to venture out with fido!

Drinks & Balls at
Play Wash Pint
Drinks at
Drinks at
Heaven & Ale
Dinner & Drinks at
Hair of the Dog
Dinner & Drinks at
Basecamp Bar
Dinner & Drinks at
Universal Joint
Dinner & Drinks at
Chattanooga Brewing
Dinner & Drinks at
Naked River Brewing

We Are Kid Free & Don’t Want to be Around Kids for a Night Date Night Decider

The Kids are at home with a babysitter & we have a couple hours away from the responsibilities & noise of kids, so we want to go somewhere there will be no kids. Here is your chance to get away!

Beers & Pizza at
Oddstory Brewing
Fun Drinks at
Pool & Drinks at
Chattanooga Billiard
Dinner at
Pickle Barrel
Dinner & Fun at
Bar Watson
Watch Sports at
Buds Sports Bar
Dinner & Drinks at
Hair of the Dog
Beer after 9:00 pm
at Wanderlinger

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