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Nooga Night Out

Helping You Answer the Question: What are We Doing Tonight in Chattanooga?

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Saving You Time

Saves time when your better half and or friends want to go out, but have a really hard time deciding on what to do.

Options Update Daily

We will be updating options daily to keep things fresh, and keeps you from getting that same meal every day.

Trust Us

You May be skeptical at first . . . But Trust us and try something new. Don't Keep spinning till you get what you want. Let us Decide and blame AI if you don't like it. We are just the middle man . . .  Geeze

We Love Date Night's • Let Us Help You Decide what to do for Yours!

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We Know There so many of the Same type of Restaurants and it is hard to pick one . . .  We Want to Help You Decide

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Let's Do Something Other Than Eat . . . Fun Activities Ahead!

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